Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Introduction Program    

Have you ever been interested in learning how to play guitar, bass, ukulele, or piano and just didn't know where to start? Bob, Linda, and Terry are here to get you started! In a comfortable atmosphere, they can start you off with an initial appointment to help you decide what instrument is right for you! With a no-pressure consultation, they can guide you in deciding if you would like to progress with them in learning the art of creating the music that you as an individual enjoy!

  Basic Program    

Every individual, young and old, has an idea of what interests them musically. When the decision is made to commit to lessons, your lesson can be tailor-made just for you!   Whether the initial focus is directed to a persons specific genre  interests or is built on the foundation of music theory and reading music correctly, BLT Music studio has instructors that are compassionate and understanding and always consider the students needs to keep the initial passion for their personal interests in learning while making sure that they continue to progress!


BLT Music works with each student to schedule lessons and consultations. They understand that "Life Happens" and certain times of the year can be easier on a student to schedule lessons. Rest assured that Bob, Linda, and Terry do their best to accommodate inconsistent scheduling and communicate well with students using flexible hours of instruction.